Chef’s Flavor

Below is a list of our custom flavor offerings.  We will also custom design a flavor if you so choose.  All of our custom flavors are five dollars per tasting.  We package them, and you take them home with you upon conclusion of your appointment.  We recommend choosing three or four flavors.  Also, since all all of our tastings are baked to order, please order all tastings at least one week prior to your appointment.

Golden Grand Marnier – White cake, lightly scented with Grand Manier and then layered with a rich milk chocolate hazelnut filling.

White Chocolate Raspberry – Fresh raspberry preserves and white chocolate mousse between delicate layers of white cake.

Trilogy of Chocolate Mousse – Dark milk and white chocolate mousse with white or chocolate cake.

Lemon Raspberry – White cake with a tangy lemon mousse and homemade raspberry preserves.

Cappuccino Nut Torte – Macadamia nut coffeecake with chocolate mousse and Frangelico and Bailey’s Irish butter cream.

Victorian Passion Fruit & Raspberry – Fresh raspberry preserves layered with tropical passion fruit.

Lady Godiva – A light, moist, chocolate soufflé cake layered with white chocolate, then lightly scented with chocolate Godiva Liqueur.

Strawberry Gateau – Delicate white cake that is layered with strawberry ganache, fresh strawberry preserves and white chocolate butter-cream.

Tiramisu – Ladyfinger cake that is soaked in coffee amaretto, then layered with mascarpone mousse.

Old Fashioned Coconut – Moist coconut cake that is layered with chocolate ganache.

Apple Spice – Light, delicate apple cake that is layered with sautéed caramelized apples.

Toasted Almond Lemon Cake – Almond Meringue layered with a light, lemon chiffon mousse and a wonderful lemon cake.

Caramel Hazelnut – Toasted hazelnut cake filled with burnt sugar custard and hazelnut butter-cream.

Raspberry Diablo – Rich devil food cake with raspberries encased with chocolate and vanilla crème fraiche.

Pave Amore – White cake that is lightly brushed with Grand Marnier, layered with mocha mousse, chocolate soufflé and coffee butter cream.